Ru-meng-ling ~ 《红楼梦》·《柳絮词·如梦令》 with English Translations

《如梦令·柳絮词》是清朝时期的一首词,作者是曹雪芹。此为曹雪芹《红楼梦》中人物 史湘云 所作,为五首柳絮词之一。史湘云见暮春柳絮飞舞,偶成小令。诗社就发起填词,每人各拈一小调,限时做好。史湘云写的就是这首《如梦令·柳絮》。 五首柳絮词其实都是每个人未来的自况。湘云后来与 卫若兰 结合,新婚是美满的,所以词中不承认用以寄情的柳絮是衰残景象。对于她的幸福,有人可能会触痛伤感,有人可能会羡慕妒忌,这也是很自然的。她父母双亡,寄居贾府,关心她终身大事的人可能少些,她自诩”纤手自拈来”,总是凭某种见面机会以”金麒麟”为信物而凑成的。十四回写官客为秦氏送殡时曾介绍卫若兰是”诸王孙公子”,可见所谓”才貌仙郎”也必须以爵禄门第为先决条件,不能想象如史湘云那样的公侯千金会单凭才貌选择一个地位卑贱的人作为自己的丈夫。词中从占春一转而为惜春、留春,而且情绪上是那样地无可奈何,这正预示着她的所谓美满婚姻也是好景不长的。









Ru-meng-ling(David Hawkes 译)

Not chewed-off ends of the sky’s embroidery?

“What are they?”—”Raise the blind a bit and see.”

A white hand snatches some and draws it in, pursued by the swallows’ chiding din.

Oh stay, oh stay!

The lovely spring drifts after you away.

“Like a dream” air(B. S. Bonsall 译)

Surely it is not embroidered floss just now opening out.

Roll up half a corner of the fragrant mist.

The slender hand instinctively picks some,

Unintentionally making the night jar scream and the swallow jealous.

But stop, but stop. Make not the Spring light go elsewhere.

Rumengling(杨宪益、戴乃迭 译)

Boughs with silk floss entwined

Or sweet mist glimpsed through a half rolled-up blind?

As slender fingers with the catkins play,

Cuckoo and swallow cry out in dismay:

Stop, pray! Do stay!

Don’t let spring steal away.

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