Ruan Ji: Meditations ~ 阮籍·《咏怀·其三》 with English Translations

《咏怀·嘉树下成蹊》是阮籍所作的五言诗。创作于三国时期。阮籍(210-263)三国魏哲学家、思想家和文学家。字嗣宗,陈留尉氏(今河南开封尉氏县)人,是建安七子之一阮瑀的儿子。曾为步兵校尉,世称阮步兵。为人志气宏放,博览群书,尤好老子和庄子的哲学。爱饮酒,能长啸,善弹琴。文学艺术才能超群。与嵇康齐名,为“竹林七贤”之一。蔑视礼教,政治上则采谨慎避祸的态度,与司马氏多所牴牾。阮籍的诗歌代表了他的主要文学成就,诗多五言,对当时黑暗现实多所讥刺,辞语隐约,主要是五言《咏怀诗》82首。原有集13卷,已佚。明代曾出现多种辑本,张溥辑有《阮步兵集》,收入《汉魏六朝百三家集》中。作品今存赋 6篇、散文较完整的9篇、诗90余首。









Ruan Ji


There are trodden paths under lovely trees—

The peaches and plums in gardens in the east.

When bean leaves drift about in autumn breeze.

The leaves begin to fall as life has ceased.

The pretty blossoms too have had their day;

The mighty mansions someday will be still.

I’ll ride a horse and soon be on my way

To live alone beneath the Western Hill.

It’s hard enough to keep me safe and sound

And harder still to protect my wife and child.

When chilly frost hits grass upon the ground,

The year will bring an end to things grown wild.

(汪榕培 译)


Under the beautiful trees paths have formed,

in the Eastern Garden—peaches, plum trees,

bean-leaves flying everywhere, in Autumn wind.

But from now on, everything withers and dies.

Blossoming flowers will one day shrivel,

Thorns and weeds will sprout in the courtyard.

Time to mount my horse, to leave it all,

and head for the Western Hills:

when you can’t be sure of your own security

how can you care for your wife and children?

Frost thickens the wild grass.

The year grows old—there’s no more left to say.

(吴伏生、Graham Hartill 译)


Ruan Ji


The eastern garden’s trodden way

Leads to blooming peach and plum trees.

But withered leaves are blown away

And drifting in the autumn breeze.

Bright flowers languish soon and fade;

With thorns the hall will be overgrown.

Leave the hall on horse and evade

To Hermits’ hill and settle down!

Hard to keep you from being lost,

Let alone your children and wife.

Wild grass will be covered with frost;

Soon will end the year and our life.

(许渊冲 译)

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