Sikong Shu Poem: Farewell to a Friend – 司空曙《别卢秦卿》








[1] 司空曙:与卢纶,韩翃,钱起、李端等都是大历十才子。《千家诗》注说:“石尤风,打头风也,能阻行人之将发。别友而欲留不可得之诗也。言与子为别,明知有后会之期,无奈此时此夜之情何?故人有酒,思留之而不可得,反不如石尤之风能阻行舟,使我二人不得遽别。亦无可奈何之诗也。”这首诗从反面说明了友情之珍贵。

[2] 前期:以前的预约。

[3] 难分:难舍难分。

[4] 石尤风:行船时的逆风。传说石氏女嫁与商人尤郎,因思念而亡,后化作大风,专门阻挡行程,以挽留天下女子的丈夫。

Farewell to a Friend

Sikong Shu

Although I know that we shall meet again,

How can we bear to part on such a night?

Do you think wine and friendship can’t retain

Your heart longer than an adverse wind might?


The poet Sikong Shu composed this poem in five lines. The first two lines of the poem are plain, and express the common feelings of people who are deeply in love with each other; the second two lines are original, and use the allusion to Shi Youfeng to write the scene of diligent retention, expressing the deep feelings of reluctance to leave a friend. The whole poem expresses the poet’s reluctance to let go of his friend.

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