Strategy Thirty-One Beauty Trap ~ 《三十六计》(败战计) with English Translations



第三十一计 美人计


第三十二计 空城计


第三十三计 反间计


第三十四计 苦肉计


第三十五计 连环计


第三十六计 走为上


Strategy Thirty-One Beauty Trap

If the enemy forces are strong, try to subdue their general; if the general is wise, try to crush his willpower. When the general becomes infirm and the soldiers listless, their combat power will dwindle. It is of benefit to resist an invasion; security can be attained by internal unity.

Strategy Thirty-Two Empty-City Scheme

Bear a weak appearance when in a weak position to create doubts in the already doubtful enemy. Used by the weak against the strong, it works wonders of the most wondrous kind.

Strategy Thirty-Three Turn the Enemy’s Agents Against Him

Lead the enemy into his own trap. Union from within; one will not lose oneself.

Strategy Thirty-Four Self-torture Scheme

Man does not inflict injury on himself, and a person’s injury proves him a victim. Espionage can be conducted when the enemy takes a false injury to be genuine. The callow youth submits. Good fortune.

Strategy Thirty-Five Interlaced Stratagems

Do not engage an enemy that has many generals and numerous soldiers. Weaken its position by making its troops interlaced. The general secures his rule in the army: Good fortune, with the blessing of Heaven.

Strategy Thirty-Six Running Away as the Best Choice

Evade the enemy to preserve the troops. The army retreats: No blame. It does not violate the normal practice of war.

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