Strategy Twenty-Five Steal the Beams and Change the Pillars ~ 《三十六计》(并战计) with English Translations



第二十五计 偷梁换柱


第二十六计 指桑骂槐


第二十七计 假痴不癫


第二十八计 上屋抽梯


第二十九计 树上开花


第三十计 反客为主


Strategy Twenty-Five Steal the Beams and Change the Pillars

Change the enemy’s formation frequently, dislocate its main force and deal the blow when it tends toward defeat. Stop the wheel.

Strategy Twenty-Six Point at the Mulberry and Abuse the Locust

The strong may use punishment to lead the weak into submission. Proper severity obtains response; risky action meets no obstruction.

Strategy Twenty-Seven Feign Folly Instead of Madness

Feign ignorance and make no more rather than feign knowledge and make rash moves. Stay motionless and hide one’s intention. Clouds and thunder symbolize Tun.

Strategy Twenty-Eight Climb up the Roof and Remove the Ladder

Provide the army with an apparent chance, entice it to advance, cut it off from coordination or reinforcement, and place it in an impasse. One gets poisoned at an improper position.

Strategy Twenty-Nine Flowers Bloom in the Tree

Exploit external forces to create favorable conditions, so that a small army acquires great energy. The wild goose gradually approaches the cloudy paths. Its feathers can be used in ritual decoration.

Strategy Thirty Reverse the Positions of Host and Guest

Take the opportunity to put in your foot and seize the heart of the enemy. Proceed step by step.

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