Su Shi: A Stroll after the Rain (II) ~ 《雨晴后,步至四望亭下鱼池上,遂自乾明寺前东冈上归·其二》 苏轼 with English Translations


《雨晴后,步至四望亭下鱼池上,遂自乾明寺前东冈上归·其二》 苏轼


A Stroll after the Rain (II)
Su Shi

After the rain I stroll to the fish-pond below Four-view Pavilion, returning by way of the east hill in front of Qianming Monastery.
The high pavilion has fallen into ruins,
Fish are raised in the pond below;
Dusk drifts in from the hills
And the spring wind is scented by meadows;
A hush has fallen over the market bridge,
Dark gown the bamboo round the old monastery;
Storks have come from none knows where
And their shrill cries fill the air as the sun sets.

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