Su Shi: A Warm Red in the Sunlight ~ 《浣溪沙·照日深红》 苏轼 with English Translations


《浣溪沙·照日深红》 苏轼


A Warm Red in the Sunlight
Su Shi

Made on my way to offer thanks for rain at the Rocky Pool outside Suzhou. This pool lies twenty li east of the city, rising or falling with the Su River and turning clear or muddy like the river.
A warm red in the sunlit the pool where fish can be seen,
And green the shade of the village where crows hide themselves at dusk;
Here gather small boys and graybeards with twinkling eyes;
The deer are startled at the sight of men,
But monkeys come unbidden at the sound of drums.
This I tell the girls picking mulberries on my way home.

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