Sung Wan: Radom Poem on the Lake ~ 宋琬·《湖上杂诗(其三)》 with English Translations







Radom Poem on the Lake

Sung Wan

Of mountain scenery, the Southern Screen is best:(1)

Its atmosphere misty, half is hidden, half is there.

A small skiff moors in the winding pond;

Pelicans rest under withered willow trees.

Clouds rise up and a thousand peaks are thrown together;

The sky clears and a single pagoda stands alone.

With inspiration come thoughts of distant views;

Melodies from a Tartar flute fill West Lake.

(1). The Southern Screen, or Nan-p’ing, hills are located southwest of Hang-chow; the lake in the title refers to the famous West Lake.

(Yin-nan Chang 译)

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