Tang Yanqian: Rugosa Rose ~ 唐彦谦 ·《玫瑰》 with English Translations

唐彦谦(?~893?)字茂业,号鹿门先生,并州晋阳(今山西太原)人。咸通末年上京考试,结果十馀年不中,一说咸通二年(861)中进士。乾符末年,兵乱,避地汉南。中和中期,王重荣镇守河中,聘为从事,累迁节度副使,晋、绛二州刺史。光启三年(887),王重荣因兵变遇害,他被责贬汉中掾曹。杨守亮镇守兴元(今陕西汉中市东)时,担任判官。官至兴元(今陕西汉中)节度副使、阆州(今四川阆中)、壁州(今四川通江)刺史。晚年隐居鹿门山,专事著述。 昭宗景福二年(893)前后卒于汉中。

唐彦谦 ·《玫瑰》





Rugosa Rose

Tang Yanqian

Scenting of musk incense in combustion,

And garnished with shark gauze1 to veil the green cluster as a decoration,

She in the morrow Sol beams, pranks herself after the palatial style for adornment.

Alas! With the waft of eastern breeze fall the silk-brocade ornament.

Amidst the vernal mist she is flaccid without vitality and vigor.

And vexatious with dole and grief in the rainy vesper.

Beyond comprehension is her intention

To be dressed in rubicundity of deep-delicate coloration.

(黄龙 译)

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