The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 7


All these things happened in the hall were seen by Xu Zhu. He learned that Hatoyama used not Shaolin Kung Fu at all, but the Xiaowuxiang Skill of Daoyao Sect. Mozhi said proudly, “Since Fang Wen said so, the seventy-two unique skills of your temple were not created by your school, and the word” Jue “has to be changed

At this time, an old monk named Xuandu came out of the Shaolin Temple to argue with Kumozi. To his surprise, Hatoyama used “fingering” to pop up three powerful fingers, which hit Xuandu’s chest and immediately shot blood from Xuandu’s chest.

3 When Xu Zhu saw that Hatoyama had deceived others too much, he could not care about anything else. He shook his body and grabbed the opposite side of Xuandu. He falsely held a palm, pointed the acupoint with his left hand, stopped the bleeding for Xuandu, and gave him one of the healing pills of the Lingjiu Palace.

Hatoyama met Hsinchu when Hsinchu broke his master’s Go puzzle. This time, I was surprised to see that he sealed the Xuandu acupoint with his fingers. The skill and skill were so wonderful that I had never seen them in my life.

When Hatoyama saw a young man in his twenties who dared to damage his reputation, he could not help being furious. His palms seemed to be closed. With a cry, a wave of palm power spewed out from between his palms and ran to the bamboo.

6 Xu Zhu used a move called “Tianshan Six Yang Palm” to turn his palm power away. Hatoyama saw that he was not using Shaolin Kung Fu and became wary of him. The two started a big fight again.

Hatoyama came in a fierce manner, and attacked the vital parts of Phyllostachys. Xu Zhu dodged from left to right. It seemed that he could parry, but Hatoyama could not defeat him. In an instant. The two have split hundreds of moves, but they are still in a stalemate.

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