The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 8


1 The two big men did not respond physically, but they were irritated. One person stretched out his hand to pull Mu Wanqing’s chest. Duan Yu hurries to help, and the two men throw down Mu Wanqing, grab Duan Yu’s two wrists, and tear them hard.

2 Seeing that the situation was critical, Xu Zhu was about to help when he saw two tower-like men gradually lower and fell to the ground with two thumps. It turns out that the two of them were absorbed by Duan Yu’s “Beiming Divine Skill” and died of collapse.

3 When they saw two big men in the way fall down, they crowded around them and went on. Xiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu also followed them to Lingzhou.

On the way, they met Duan Yanqing and other three villains. The villains have just saved Wang Yuyan from the edge of the cliff, who tried to jump off the cliff and commit suicide. But why Wang Yuyan wanted to cut her own throat is not clear to everyone at the moment. When they were ready to start again, Youtanzhi and Ah Zi slipped away.

When Xiao Feng and his party arrived at Lingzhou, the capital of Western Xia, several large hotels had already been occupied by the four heroes who had arrived early. They had to go out of the city again. It was easy to find a temple and the people settled down.

In the middle of the night, Duan Yu thought that Wang Yuyan could not sleep, so he got up and left the temple. In the moonlight, I saw a flash of people near the pond in the distance, vaguely Wang Yuyan. Duan Yu was afraid that something would happen to her again, so she hurried forward to comfort her, but Wang Yuyan hesitated and refused to say the reason why she was heartbroken.

Later, when Wang Yuyan saw that Duan Yu was sincere and kind to herself, she told Duan Yu her secret: Murong Fu was going to be the son-in-law of the Western Xia Dynasty, and she said that in order to revive the Great Yan, she could not read about her children’s private affairs. After that, Wang Yuyan fell on Duan Yu’s shoulder and cried.

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