The Owl Moves House ~ 《说苑·枭逢鸠》 刘向 with English Translations


《说苑·枭逢鸠》 刘向

枭逢鸩。鸩曰:“子将安之?” 枭曰:“我将东徙。”鸩曰:“何故?”枭曰:“乡人皆恶我鸣,以故东徙。”鸠曰:“子能更鸣可矣;不能更鸣,东徙,犹恶子之声。”

The Owl Moves House

One day the owl met the turtle-dove.
“Where are you going?” inquired the dove.
“I’m moving east,” said the owl.
“Why is that?” asked the dove.
“All the people here dislike my hoot,” replied the owl. “That is why I want to move east.”
“If you can change your voice,” said the dove, “then it will be all right. But if you can’t, even if you move east, the people there will dislike you just the same.”

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