Thirty-six Strategies – Strategy Nineteen Remove Firewood from Under the Caldron ~ 《三十六计》(混战计) with English Translations



第十九计 釜底抽薪


第二十计 混水摸鱼


第二十一计 金蝉脱壳


第二十二计 关门捉贼


第二十三计 远交近攻


第二十四计 假道伐虢


Thirty-six Strategies

Strategy Nineteen Remove Firewood from Under the Caldron

Avoid a contest of strength with the enemy but seek to weaken its position in accordance with the image of Dui underneath Qian.

Strategy Twenty Muddle the Water to Seize Fish

Take advantage of the enemy’s internecine fight and make use of its weakness and lack of judgement. Sui: At nightfall, return home to rest.

Strategy Twenty-One The Cicada Sloughs Its Skin

Maintain the original shape and play out the original pose, so that the ally does not doubt and the enemy does not move. Submission and stillness lead to decay.

Strategy Twenty-Two Bold the Door to Seize the Thief

Force the small enemy into a quagmire. Bo: It is not favorable to set forth. [It is disadvantageous to pursue a weak, tottering enemy for long distance. ]

Strategy Twenty-Three Befriend Distant States While Attacking Nearby States

When circumscribed in situation and restricted in disposition, seek profit from nearby and keep peril at a distance. Fire above the lake.

Strategy Twenty-Four Attack Hu by a Borrowed Path

A small state is sandwiched between two great powers. If one of them attempts to bring it to submission, the other will be able to take control under the pretext of aiding it. Kun: When one utters words, one is not believed.

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