Wang Anshi Poem: The Northern Mountain– 王安石《北山》

Wang Anshi – 王安石








[1] 这是王安石罢相后回南京,住在钟山时的作品。《千家诗》注说:“涨,泛滥也;滟,水光莹也。”这首诗写出了知识分子流连山水,忘情花草的乐趣。

[2] 北山:钟山,在今南京城东。作者的别墅建于此处。

[3] 输:送,此处引申为生长。

[4] 横陂:大的水泽。

[5] 直堑:直的水沟。

[6] 回塘:弯曲的水塘。

[7] 滟滟:水波荡漾的样子。

[8] 细数:细细欣赏。

The Northern Mountain

Wang Anshi

The lake overflows with northern mountain’s green hue;

Straight canals shimmer with winding lake shores in view.

Counting the fallen petals, long I sit and wait;

Seeking for fragrant grass, slowly I come back late.

Wang Anshi – 王安石


”The Northern Mountain” is a seven-line poem written by Wang Anshi, a statesman of the Northern Song Dynasty. The poem reflects the leisurely mood, expressing the poet’s transcendent feelings of being away from the world and free from any worries. In the first and second lines, the poet writes about the rich greenery of the river and ponds in the North Mountain, which expresses his love for the spring light; in the third and fourth lines, he carefully counts the falling flowers and slowly searches for fragrant grasses before returning home late, showing his leisurely mood in the detailed description.

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