Xue Tao: A Parrot Separated from Its Cage ~ 薛涛·《鹦鹉离笼》 with English Translations

薛涛(约768~832年),是一个带有传奇色彩的唐代女诗人,字洪度。长安(今陕西西安)人。16岁入乐籍,与韦皋,元稹有过恋情,恋爱期间,薛涛自己制作桃红色小笺用来写诗,后人仿制,称“薛涛笺”。脱乐籍后终身未嫁。成都望江楼公园有薛涛墓” 。薛涛与刘采春,鱼玄机,李冶,并称唐朝四大女诗人。卓文君、薛涛、花蕊夫人、黄娥并称蜀中四大才女。流传至今诗作有90余首。




A Parrot Separated from Its Cage

Xue Tao

It goes alone through Longxi1,

a solitary bird,

To and fro it flies, then lights

upon the brocade cushion.

Just because it spoke some words

discomforting its owner,

Never again can it summon folk,

calling from its cage.

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