Yu Xuanji: Inscribed on Mist-Hidden Pavilion ~ 鱼玄机·《题隐雾亭》 with English Translations





A Mist Enshrouded Inn

Yu Xuanji

The spring flowers and autumn moon

make their way into poetry;

the bright days and clear nights

are themselves free immortals.

No need to roll up the beaded blind,

for it has never been lowered,

a single cot’s been moved for good

to sleep in view of the mountains.

(Bannie Chow, Thomas Cleary 译)

Inscribed on Mist-Hidden Pavilion

Yu Xuanji

Spring flowers and autumn moon enter my poems,

Bright daylight, clear night these belong to an immortal at ease.

I do nothing but roll up my beaded blinds and never lower them,

I’ve moved my couch for good so that I can sleep facing the mountains.

(Jennifer Carpenter 译)

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