Yu Xuanji: To an Awaited Friend Held up by the Rains ~ 鱼玄机·《期友人阻雨不至》 with English Translations







To an Awaited Friend Held up by the Rains

Yu Xuanji

How sad we have no chance to meet

although we’ve been in touch.

As I close the door,

it’s bathed in the light of the moon;

when I raise the blind,

a drizzle’s already begun.

The murmuring of a nearby spring

is heard by the staircase of stone;

while distant waves are swelling

down by the river’s shore.

Thoughts of home bring sadness

to the traveler in autumn,

reciting lines of poetry

in a melancholy way.

(Bannie Chow, Thomas Cleary 译)

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