Zhang Zhidong: In Praise of the Manchus (Excerpts) ~ 张之洞·《劝学篇·内篇·教忠第二》(节选) with English Translations

《劝学篇·张之洞》是2010年4月吉林出版集团有限责任公司出版的图书,作者是(清代)张之洞 、陈山榜。《劝学篇:张之洞》的主旨是以中学为内学,以西学为外学,以中学治身心,以西学应世事,以中学为体,以西学为用,简称中体西用。



In Praise of the Manchus (Excerpts)

For the past two hundred and fifty years, the officials and people within the boundaries of the Four Seas, daily marching between high Heaven and Mother Earth, have been nourished in their growth by unremitting care, down to the present day. If we compare the history of China for the past two thousand years with the histories of Western countries for the past fifty years, have their governments shown the generosity, the charity of heart, the loyalty, the sincerity of ours? Although China is neither rich nor strong, nevertheless all her people, rich, noble, poor, and humble alike, can pass their days in comfort, and rejoice that they were born into this world. Now although the countries of the West are flourishing, the sorrows of the masses, their sufferings, and the position of wrongs, which press them on all sides without redress, cause them to watch their opportunity for breaking out and murdering their sovereign or assassinating a minister, examples of which deeds are recorded every year. Thus we know that their form of government is most certainly not equal to that we have here in China.

(Herbert A. Giles 译)

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