Zheng Zhihua – 最后的夜都市 ~ lyrics + English Translation

Artist: Zheng Zhihua (郑智化)
Song: 星星点灯(xīng xing diǎn dēng) •Album: 星星点灯


抬头的一片天 是男儿的一片天
不知道天多高 不知道海多远
不负责任的誓言 年少轻狂的我
看着你哭红的眼睛 想着远离的家门
星星点灯 照亮我的家门
星星点灯 照亮我的前程
用一点光 温暖孩子的心

现在的一片天 是肮脏的一片天
天其实并不高 海其实也不远
人心其实比天高 比海更遥远
学会骗人的谎言 追逐名利的我
看着你含泪地离去 想着茫茫的前程


The Stars Light

The sky above is the sky of a man
Who used to dream beneath the starry sky as a boy
Unaware of the height of sky and the vastness of the sea
But swore to reach the edge of world with you
The oath was so irresponsible and I was so young and frivolous
Did not find the weakness of myself until lost in darkness
Beholding your crying red eyes, I recalled the sweet home far away
Oh swarms of stars, please light up the hope of mine
The stars light, illuminating the door of my house
Brightening the way that the lost child has come along
The stars light, illuminating my future
With a little light warming the child’s heart

The sky nowaday is extremely filthy
Stars can be no longer seen in such the “civilized” sky
The sky is not that high and the sea is not that vast
Actually one’s heart is higher than sky and deeper than sea
I had learnt to concoct lies and pursue fame and gain
Did not find the weakness of myself until lost in reality
Beholding you leaving with tears, I noticed my blurry future
Oh far stars, please light up the hope of mine

After many years a heavy rain woke me up from slumber
All of a sudden all neon lights in the city stopped shining
In the sky a beam of faint light poked out its head secretly
It’s your eyes that are still waiting for me at somewhere distant

By Isaiah Siegfried Chen

Stars illume lights

I look up to the sky. It is a brave real man’s sky.
Once a dreaming young man under the star-lit sky was I.
The sky and the sea, I knew not how far, how high.
Yet I vowed to take you to the edges of sea and sky.
Left promises unanswered, I was young, foolhardy.
Not until lost in darkness, I saw my fragility.
Gazing into your reddened eyes, thinking of home far away,
Skyful of stars, pray-thee light up a torch of hope for me.
Stars illume lights, which light up my doorway,
allowing lost children to find their way back home.
Stars illume lights, which light up paths ahead,
with just a ray warming up children’s hearts.

But nowadays, the sky, is the tainted, dirty sky.
In the sky of civilization no stars seen in eyes.
The sea was not that far, the sky was not that high
Hearts are farther than the sea, haughtier than the sky.
I have learned deceits and lies. I sought for vanity.
Lost in the reality, I saw my fragility.
Watching you leaving me in tears, thinking of my future bleak,
Skyful of stars, pray-thee light up a torch of hope for me.

Many years later a downpour awakes the slumbered me
Neon lights in metropolis stop blinking suddenly
Beyond horizon a ray of faint starlight peeks at me23
It was your gaze far out in the distance, still waiting for me.

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